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What is TypeScript Programming Language?

Definition Of TypeScript:

  • TypeScript is a strong typed, object oriented and compiled programming language.
  • TypeScript allows us to develop JavaScript based applications using full object oriented concepts on .NET platform.
  • Through the TypeScript language we can develop JavaScript’s rich and more complex applications using fully Object oriented design pattern on strong typed platform. In the output result the TypeScript generates/renders the JavaScript. TypeScript generated JavaScript can re-use all JavaScript tools, libraries and frameworks which are available for JavaScript.
  • TypeScript is a JavaScript with strong typing.
  • TypeScript language and compiler brings the development of JavaScript applications closer to an Object oriented experience.
  • TypeScript also called the superset of JavaScript.
  • TypeScript is a set of tools and its compiler generates JavaScript .js file at compile time. That JavaScript is a pure and can be run successfully on all platforms, browsers, mobile devices and servers.
  • TypeScript file has .ts file extension.
  • TypeScript is an open source and can be run on all major platforms.
  • For windows OS we should install the visual studio IDE which automatically register/install tsc.exe (The TypeScript compiler). For other platforms we need to use node.
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