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What is Programming?

Definition: A program is a precise sequence of steps to solve a particular problem.”
It means that when we say that we have a program, it actually means that we know about a complete set activities to be performed in a particular order. The purpose of these activities is to solve a given problem.

Why Programming is important?

Hence learning to program is important because it develops analytical and problem Solving abilities. It is a creative activity and provides us a mean to express abstract ideas.
Thus programming is fun and is much more than a vocational skill. By designing programs, we learn many skills that are important for all professions. These skills can be Summarized as:

  • Critical reading
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creative synthesis

What skills are needed?

Programming is an important activity as people life and living depends on the programs one makes. Hence while programming one should

  • Paying attention to detail
  • Think about the reusability.
  • Think about user interface
  • Understand the fact the computers are stupid
  • Comment the code liberally

Think about the reusability

Whenever you are writing a program, always keep in mind that it could be reused at some other time. Also, try to write in a way that it can be used to solve some other related problem. A classic example of this is: Suppose we have to calculate the area of a given circle. We know the area of a circle is (Pi * r2). Now we have written a program which calculates the area of a circle with given radius. At some later time we are given a problem to find out the area of a ring. The area of the ring can be calculated by subtracting the area of outer circle from the area of the inner circle. Hence we can use the program that calculates the area of a circle to calculate the area of the ring.

Think about Good user interface

As programmers, we assume that computer users know a lot of things, this is a big mistake. So never assume that the user of your program is computer literate. Always provide an easy to understand and easy to use interface that is self-explanatory.

Understand the fact that computers are stupid

Computers are incredibly stupid. They do exactly what you tell them to do: no more, no Less– unlike human beings. Computers can’t think by themselves. In this sense, they differ from human beings. For example, if someone asks you, “What is the time?”, “Time please?” or just, “Time?” you understand anyway that he is asking the time but computer is different. Instructions to the computer should be explicitly stated. Computer will tell you the time only if you ask it in the way you have programmed it. When you’re programming, it helps to be able to “think” as stupidly as the computer does, so that you are in the right frame of mind for specifying everything in minute detail, and not assuming that the right thing will happen by itself.

Comment the code liberally

Always comment the code liberally. The comment statements do not affect the performance of the program as these are ignored by the compiler and do not take any memory in the computer. Comments are used to explain the functioning of the programs. It helps the other programmers as well as the creator of the program to understand the code.

Software Categories

Software is categorized into two main categories

1) System Software

2) Application Software

System Software

The system software controls the computer. It communicates with computer’s hardware (key board, mouse, modem, sound card etc) and controls different aspects of operations. Sub categories of system software are:

1) Operating system

2) Device drivers

3) Utilities

Operating system

An operating system (sometimes abbreviated as “OS”) is the program that manages all the other programs in a computer. It is an integrated collection of routines that service the sequencing and processing of programs by a computer. Note: An operating system may provide many services, such as resource allocation, scheduling, input/output control, and data management.

Definition:“Operating system is the software responsible for controlling the allocation and usage of hardware resources such as memory, central processing unit (CPU) time, disk space, and peripheral devices”.

Device drivers

The device driver software is used to communicate between the devices and the computer. We have monitor, keyboard and mouse attached to almost all PC’s; if we look at the properties of these devices we will see that the operating system has installed special software to control these devices. This piece of software is called device driver software. When we attach a new device with the computer, we need software to communicate with this device. These kinds of software are known as device drivers e.g. CD Rom driver, Sound Card driver and Modem driver. Normally manufacturer of the device provide the device driver software with the device. For scanners to work properly with the computers we install the device driver of the scanner. Nowadays if you have seen a scanner, it comes with TWAIN Drivers. TWAIN stands for Technology Without An Interesting Name.

Utility Software

Utility software is a program that performs a very specific task, usually related to managing system resources. You would have noticed a utility of Disk Compression. Whenever you write a file and save it to the disk, Compression Utility compresses the file (reduce the file size) and write it to the disk and when you request this file from the disk, the compression utility uncompressed the file and shows its contents. Similarly there is another utility, Disk Defragmentation which is used to defragment the disk. The data is stored on the disks in chunks, so if we are using several files and are making changes to these files then the different portions of file are saved on different locations on the disk. These chunks are linked and the operating system knows how to read the contents of file from the disk combining all the chunks. Similarly when we delete a file then the place where that file was stored on the disk is emptied and is available now to store other files. As the time goes on, we have a lot of empty and used pieces on the disk. In such situation we say that the disk is fragmented now. If we remove this fragmentation the chunks of data on the disk will be stored close to each other and thus reading of data will be faster. For the purpose of removing fragmentation on the disk the Defragmentation utility is used. The compilers and interpreters also belong to the System Software category.

Application software

A program or group of programs designed for end users. For example a program for Accounting, Payroll, Inventory Control System, and guided system for planes. GPS (global positioning system), another application software, is being used in vehicles, which through satellite determines the geographical position of the vehicle.

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