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What Is Html Form Post Method In PHP?

  • When you create a dynamic website you need to use input forms for getting user input data.
  • A form is also called web form and it can be created using the form tag in Html, every form uses an attributes called “method = Post”, that method attribute isĀ used to send user input data to the server (A PHP page).
  • A Post method is always used to send large data of user through an Html form to the PHP server.
  • There are many advantages of Post method such as it is secure, collect large user input data to PHP etc.
  • The $_POST['control_name'] PHP’s super global variables is used to fetch a value sent by post method.


<!Doctypes html>
 <title>Html Form Post Method In PHP</title>
 if(isset($_POST['btn_submit'])) {
 $user_name = $_POST['user_name'];
 $contact = $_POST['contact'];
 echo "Name is: " . $user_name . "<br>";
 echo "Contact: " . $contact;
 <form method="post" action="">
 <input type="text" name="user_name" placeholder = "Enter Name"> <br><br>
 <input type="text" name="contact" placeholder = "Enter Contact"> <br>
 <button type="submit" name="btn_submit"> Submit </button>

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