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What Is Aliases In SQL?

  • Aliases in SQL are user defined names which are given to column or table of database for temporarily basis.


  • SQL Aliases are used to rename a column or table in database (temporary).
  • SQL Aliases are very useful when database tables or its column have their long names.
  • SQL Aliases give a new name to table or its column at run-time only (not permanent).
  • SQL Aliases make a table or column more readable.

Syntax For Table’s Columns:

SELECT column_name AS alias_name
FROM table_name;


SELECT p_name AS "Product Name", price AS "Product Price"
FROM products;

Syntax For Table:

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name AS alias_name;


SELECT p.p_name AS "Product Name", p.price AS "Product Price"
FROM products AS p;

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