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What Are Date Functions In SQL Server?

  • There are some special built-in functions in SQL Server for handling the date and time in database.
  • These SQL Server functions define different operations for date and time.
  • The date data types of a table column can be set at the time of table creation in database.

Following Date Functions are available in SQL Server:

Function Description
GETDATE() Represent current date and time
DATEPART() Represent a single part of a date/time
DATEADD() Adds or subtracts a specified time interval from a date
DATEDIFF() Represent the time between two dates
CONVERT() Returns date/time data in different formats

Date or time values can be inserted in SQL Server database by using the following date data types:

Data type Accept format
TIMESTAMP Can be a unique number


SELECT p_name, price, p_date
FROM products
WHERE p_date = '2015-01-20';


  • In above example the SELECT statement selects only a product which is added on 2015-01-20.

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