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TypeScript IDE And Environment Setup

IDE And Environment Setup:

  • Before start writing the TypeScript code/programs we need an IDE (integrated development environment) which allows us to compile, edit, debug and run the TypeScript code.
  • TypeScript is an open source tool which can be run on cross platforms/OS (operating systems) that means the compiler of TypeScript can be run on windows, linux, OS X and any other OS (operating system).
  • To run TypeScript on windows platform/OS, we either install visual studio IDE which will register the tsc.exe (TypeScript compiler) in our C:\ Program Files directory or we can use node.
  • NOTE: In this TypeScript tutorials series we will use visual studio 2013 IDE for debugging and running the TypeScript program examples.

Visual Studio 2013:

  • Microsoft’s visual studio 2013. There are number of versions of visual studio which has been developed by Microsoft till now such as (visual studio 2008, 2010 etc.)
  • Visual studio is a primary IDE of Microsoft. It comes in a variety of pricing combinations. Such as (visual studio ultimate, premium, professional and express). Visual studio ultimate, premium and professional require paid licenses, means not available for free.
  • Microsoft has recently announced a free version of visual studio which is called visual studio community 2013 edition, this free community edition has included TypeScript compiler by default and a full-featured IDE for students, open source contributors and small teams.
  • Visual studio community 2013 edition can be downloaded from the web through an online web installer. It will take some time to complete the installation, depends on the speed of your network connection.

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