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TypeScript Function Overloading

Define Function Overloading:

  • Multiple functions/methods with the same name can be defined in TypeScript and that process is called overloaded functions.
  • In function overloading process, we can define multiple functions with the same name but their parameter-list might be different from each other by number, data types and sequence and their return type also would be different from each other.
  • Following are some rules to define overloaded functions in TypeScript and these rules are must be followed to implement function overloading in TypeScript:
  1. The functions which are being overloaded do not have their body/implementation, they have only declaration part.
  2. At the end of overloaded functions, another function with the same name must be defined with its body/implementation and it must be marked with “any” as its return type.


//Functions overloaded are declared with same name but are different in return type and parameter list.
function displayData(digit: number): number;
function displayData(techName: string): string;
function displayData(isChecked: boolean): boolean;

/* Another function with same name but with “any” as its return type and parameter list. */
function displayData(arg1: any): any {

    return arg1;

/* overloaded functions are called through its parameter types. */
document.write("digit: " + displayData(23) + " <br/> ");
document.write("Technology name: " + displayData(".NET") + " <br/> ");
document.write("isCheck: " + displayData(true));

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