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The “any” Type In TypeScript

The “any” Type:

  • TypeScript has a data type called “any” and can be declared using a keyword “any”.
  • As we know TypeScript is a strong typed language therefore TypeScript compiler strictly checks the type of data. In TypeScript we define arrays, variables, objects, functions of a specific type such as string, boolean, number etc. and we cannot assign number into string, string into number etc.
  • TypeScript’s “any” data type allows us to create and assigns mix/different data types to a variables without worrying a specific type. Such as we declare a variable which can hold the different/mix data types at same time, such is string, number, boolean etc.
  • In TypeScript the “any” data type can be used with data variables, arrays, objects, functions etc.
  • If we do not supply a specific data type to TypeScript’s members then that uses “any” type by default.


/* Following is an array creation which has “any” its data type. Notice this array contains different/mix data types at a time, it contains string, boolean and number type. */
var mixProducts: any = ["Visual studio", "Ms.Office", "TypeScript", 2054 , true];

// Loop through each array element and print it.
for (var index = 0; index < 5; index++)
    document.write(mixProducts[index]+ " <br/>");

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