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How to get Remote IP Address in PHP

What is Remote IP address? An IP address is an unique numeric value which is assign to each device such as computer,laptop,printer etc A remote IP address is a unique numeric value or a number which can be used to connect to some one else’s computer from long way via internet connection Get remote IP […]

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How to Encode and Decode a String using Base64 scheme in PHP

What is Encode and Decode ? That is used for security of our website Encode and Decode functions are used to prevent the malicious string in PHP code They are used to encrypt the PHP data and increase the security of that data The main use of the encoding and decoding is increase the security […]

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How to use mail function in PHP to send mail

Send Emails in php You can sends an email to anyone directly from PHP script mail() function allows you to send emails Requirements for send an email You have an installed and working email system You have to set configuration settings in php.ini file In this article we discuss about mail function in php for […]

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