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How to Connect Database in PHP Using MySQL Database

Using Php we can connect our application with databases. The most popular database system used with PHP is MySQL . It is an open source and lightweight DBMS system. What is MySQL? MySQL is a software tool for managing the RDBMS (Relational database management system) MySQL is fine for small and large applications MySQL is lightweight, fast […]

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How to Unzip a Zip File in PHP

What is Zip files? It is a computer file, which has its contents in compressed form It has .zip or zipx extension. It is also called archives A zip file contains many files and  other compressed files It helps us to keep several files together in one zipped folder or directory If we need the […]

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How to Detect Browser in PHP

What is browser detection? It is the information that, which browser is being used by end-user ? There are many browsers are being used  now days Following PHP code detects the browser which you use, and send that information to the server It is very simple to detect browser in PHP. Following code will guide […]

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How to Directory Listing in PHP

What is directory listing ? We can view all type of files which resides in any folder or directory We can read that file’s information along with it’s extensions easily For instance i want to display image files information which is resides in image directory then the following code helps me Code snippet for directory listing […]

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How to HTTP Redirection in PHP

What is HTTP Redirection? It redirects user to the given URL or website address It is helpful when we want to redirect user from one Website to another In PHP we can achieve this easily by using the following code Following is the one line code for HTTP redirection in PHP.

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How to generate Authentication code in PHP

What is an Authentication? It is a mechanism for login system A user can login to your website that is called an authentication End-user has been authenticated before entering in your website by using login system The authentication should be strong The following PHP code defines very basic authentication example This code will generate a […]

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How to Process MySQL Timestamp in PHP

What is MySQL Timestamp? It is a temporal data type It holds the combination of date and time It’s column format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS PHP uses UNIX timestamps for Date functionality If you want to get timestamp value from database then you have to use “SELECT  UNIX_TIMESTAMP(your_db_field_name) Code for process MySQL Timestamp in PHP.

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How to Parse and Create JSON data in PHP

What is JSON data? It stands for Javascript Object Notation It is a lightweight and cross platform data-interchange format It is easy for humans, they can read and write It can be easily generated and parsed by the computers It is based on javascript programming language It also can be used for exchanging and storing […]

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