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How To Make an ASP.NET TextBox ReadOnly at RunTime using jQuery

What is Read only text box Some time we need a textbox which has value inside it, and we want to that value can not be changed / edited by end-user that textbox called read only textbox It can be easily achieved by JQuery Following code describes how to make a textbox control read only […]

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How To Allow Only Alphanumeric Characters in an ASP.NET TextBox using jQuery

Only¬†alphanumeric characters are allowed We create a website which lets users to subscribe for news letters by entering their valid emails We do not want any invalid symbol / character (e.g $*&()>?@|/\) entered by visitors in textbox It can be easily achieved in asp.net using JQuery The code shown bellow matches a regular expression /[^a-zA-Z0-9 […]

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How To Prevent Cut, Copy and Paste Operations in an ASP.NET TextBox using jQuery

Bind() function The jQuery bind() function binds one or more events to a handler. Observe how convenient it is to list multiple events (cut copy paste) together and bind it to a handler It is useful when we want to perform more than one task by press single button Following examples describes How bind() function […]

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How To Access Values From Multiple/Selected ASP.NET TextBoxes using JQuery

Display / access multiple or selected values If you want to access values from Multiple/Selected ASP.NET TextBoxes in JQuery on a Button click. The values should be displayed separately on each line. Empty Textboxes should be ignored Following example describes How to display multiple values or selected values in asp.net using JQuery

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