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How To Create an ASP.NET TextBox Watermark Effect using jQuery

What is watermark effect ? For instance we have a textbox control in our website which lets user to enter his / her name than we crate a watermark effect in out textbox, now we displays the message in textbox control like “please enter your name” with some effect and color that is called watermark […]

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How To Synchronize Scrolling of Two Multiline ASP.NET TextBoxes using jQuery

What is synchronize scrolling ? For instance, there are two textareas on a webpage one is right side and second is left side, when a user scroll down of a textarea which is left side, than also scroll down of right side textarea automatically and vice versa that is called synchronize scrolling. It can be easily […]

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How To AutoScroll a Multiline ASP.NET TextBox using jQuery

Auto scroll a Text area in asp.net When the user clicks on the button (TT_Scrollbutton), we toggle the click behavior. On the first click, we cancel the postback by using e.preventDefault() and then call a function called scrollArea() passing in the textarea and the scrollHeight. Following is an example of auto scroll a textBox in […]

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How To Limit Number Of Characters In a Multiline ASP.NET TextBox using jQuery

TextBox support Limited number of characters We have a website which allows users to posting their comments, we allow users that they can write only 50 characters per post It can be easily achieved in asp.net using JQuery Following code describes that how to limit number of characters in multiline textbox control in asp.net using […]

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How To Click and Highlight Text in ASP.NET TextBox using jQuery

Why we use this ? The highlight feature could be used in a scenario where this is a frequent requirement to copy and paste text. The technique shown here saves the user an extra step to first select the text and then copy Following  code which helps us for select text in a text box […]

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How To Auto Focus the First ASP.NET TextBox using jQuery

What is auto focus When a user opens a new website for registration, he / she always see that the cursor is placed in first text box or text field, that is called auto focus It can be easily achieved by using JQuery Following code describe that how to auto focus a text box contol […]

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How To Clone the Contents of ASP.NET TextBox into other ASP.NET TextBoxes using jQuery

What is clone ? Make a copy of one textbox’s value and  paste / set same text in other textboxes  as a value that process is called clone Clone the contents As the user types in the first TextBox, we retrieve the value of the first TextBox and set it to the value of the […]

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How To Shift Focus to Next ASP.NET TextBox on Enter Key press using jQuery

Shift focus to next asp.net control When user fills online form on the web, by default he / she press tab button to walk thorough to the next textBox, our requirement is instead of press tab button, user press enter key and go to next textBox in entire form We can achieve this in asp.net […]

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