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How To Validate Email using Javascript

What is an Email Validation? An Email validation lets the user to enter a valid or correct email address in the website The validation rule checks the email format Using Javascript function, an email can be easily validated, described as following An Email validation in Javascript is called client side validation In this article, we […]

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How To Redirecting Webpage with Timer using Javascript

What is webpage redirect ? Navigate from one website to another website is called redirect We can also navigate from one site to another ¬†using timer function setTimeout() function It is a javascript timer function which automatically executes after specified the given number of milliseconds You can executes this function only ones This function except […]

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How to create back button using Javascript

Back button in Javascript In javascript it is very simple to go back on previous page when click on back button javascript has a built in function which named as go. That function called by history object which is an built in browser’s object

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How to Encoding a URL in Javascript

URL encoding The encodeURIcomponent function should be used for encode an URL This function can encode all types of character strings such as ” / ? : = & @ # $ + “ Following is a simple example of an URL encoding using Javascript function

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How to redirect a webpage in Javascript

Webpage redirect You can redirect the current webpage to another URL or website We can achieve this by using location.href property location.href is a property of browser’s window builtin object Following single will redirect you to another webpage from current page.

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How to Trimming a string in Javascript

String Trim() method This can be used to remove spaces from both sides of a string. It is a builtin method / function of a string object Following is a simple example of trim() function

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How to removing duplicate element from array in Javascript

What is an array ? In javascript it is called objects, it is also called data structures With the help of an array we can store multiple values in a single variable Array stores values in it’s index location Array uses indexes for storing values, that indexes start from 0 (zero) and so on Every […]

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How to check if a string contains a substring in Javascript

Check substring each single character in an string is called a substring IndexOf() This function is used for check the presence of a substring This is a simple method for testing the string For check if a string contains a substring in Javascript use the following code snippet.

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