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Difference Between Http Post & Get Methods

Http Post and Get methods are a part of the HTML language. Both methods are used in HTML form to transmit user’s data to server side programming languages such as Php, Asp.net, Jsp etc. The following difference can be found between these two methods: Http Post Method Http Get Method Large data can be send to server […]

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What Is Html Form Get Method In PHP?

When you create a html form it has an attributes called “method=get” which helps to pass or transmits user data to PHP server. Unlike post method, Mostly method=”get” transmits minimal user data to PHP server. The method=”get” has many disadvantages such as: when you post your information over on a website it becomes visible in […]

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What Is Html Form Post Method In PHP?

When you create a dynamic website you need to use input forms for getting user input data. A form is also called web form and it can be created using the form tag in Html, every form uses an attributes called “method = Post”, that method attribute is used to send user input data to the […]

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Html Form Validation In JQuery

Html Form validation is an essential part in a web development specially when you are developing a website which lets users to register their information through an online form. Web masters must use validations before process a form to the server. You can achieve the validation easily using JQuery. This validation is called client side […]

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How To Close Browser Window In JavaScript?

You can close current window of a web browser easily using JavaScript. You need window.close() Or just close() built-in JavaScript functions to achieve this task.

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How To Implement JQueryUI Datepicker In HTML?

The datepicker widget is a powerful UI plugin found in JQuery. The JQueryUI Datepicker provides a rich interface for valid date selection in any format such as yyy-mm-dd etc to the end-user. The JQueryUI Datepicker is easy to implement in websites. Along with Html it is also used with server side programming languages to get date […]

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How To Add Trademark Symbol In HTML Heading?

By following example you can make a heading in HTML with registered trademark symbol easily. Example: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> #trademark-setting { font-size: 14px; position: relative; right:9px; bottom: 9px;} </style> <title>Example</title> </head> <body> <h1> Tutorials Town.com <span id = “trademark-setting”> &reg; </span> </h1> </body> </html>

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How To Upload Files In PHP?

Open php.ini and write the following code in it for file upload configuration.

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