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Difference between TRUNCATE & DELETE in SQL

TRUNCATE and DELETE both statements are used to delete the data from database table(s). DELETE statement deletes data from database table but it does not reset PRIMARY KEY’S auto increment indexes. These auto increment indexes remain in same state. DELETE statement is used only in a situation if you have FOREIGN KEYS against another table(s). The […]

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Quickly rename a MySQL database schema?

For InnoDB, create the new empty database, then rename each table in turn into the new database.

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What is SQL JOIN and its types

SQL JOIN: It is a feature which is used in SQL. It is used to retrieve data from multiple database tables. OR It is used to retrieve data from more than one database tables at a time. Through SQL JOIN we can retrieve data from large numbers of database tables. Types: INNER JOIN LEFT OUTER JOIN […]

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SELECT * vs SELECT column names in SQL

SELECT * and SELECT column names both are valid statements in SQL. SELECT column names retrieve only desired columns from database table(s), at the other hand SELECT * retrieves all columns. Finally SELECT column names is much faster than SELECT *.

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