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C# Programming Language

C# is stands for C SHARP. C# was first appeared on 2000. It is a strong typed, compiled, object oriented, declarative, imperative, functional, cross platform and generic programing language. Anders Hejlsberg and his team developed C SHARP programming language at Microsoft. C# belongs to the family of C language. The file extension of C# is […]

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.NET Framework

It is a software component. It is a defined support structure which helps us to develop and organize other software projects. It provides us all requirements which are essential for different types of software project’s development. It can be considered as the processes and technologies which helps us to solve the complex issues. Following types […]

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C# Common Language Runtime CLR

It is a run-time environment which is provided by .NET Framework. CLR is a heart of .NET Framework, it manages the execution of .NET code and provides useful services to it. The basic job of CLR is to take the code which is generated by the C# compiler (CSC) or any other compiler and converts […]

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C# Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

C# programs or applications can be written in any text editor such as notepad or notepad++. If you have windows XP and you are using notepad to write C# code than you must need the C# compiler (CSC) that helps you to compile and run your C# code/programs because windows XP has not .NET Framework […]

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C# Reference Types

In reference type, a variable contains the reference to the value instead of actual / direct value. In reference type a variable refers to a memory location. Commonly used reference type is a CLASS (will be discussed later). String, object, class are the examples of reference types.

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C# Implicitly Typed Variables

These types of variables do not have normal data types such as int, double, string etc. These variables are called implicitly typed variables. These variables can be declared using the var keyword and must be initialized. The c# compiler uses the initialization part to determine the type of a variable. These types of variables are […]

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C# Operators

An operator is a special symbol which performs an operation / action on one or multiple numeric values. An operator can change the variable values or produce new values. Any variable which is involved in operation is called an operand, if there are more than 1 variable that are called operands. If any operator performs […]

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C# is Operator

This operator checks whether an object is of a specified type / class or not. It returns result in bool such as true or false.

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