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First C# Project

Make sure that you have installed visual studio 2013. Open visual studio 2013 by double click on it, create a new project (File -> New -> Project) [Fig: 1.1], then go to (installed -> Templates -> Visual C#) now in center window select [Console Application] option then enter a name and location for your project […]

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C# Data Types

Data types are used to represent the data or information of different things in real world, (e.g.) Product names, user names, records etc. It defines the information of different things with different data, such as mobile no., website name, student grade, value of PI in mathematics, laptop price etc. According to above points, mobile no […]

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C# Value Types

In value type, a variable contains an actual value such as 3.14 or 100. They are called simple types because they hold a single value and do not hold multiple values. They are also called primitive types. Int, double, float etc is value types. Following are the Value Types: Integers Floating Points Decimal Character Bool

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C# Integers

They contains whole number values (e.g.: 100, 200 etc). It is used to store whole, signed and unsigned numeric values. This data type mostly used in C # for mathematical calculations such as (+, – , *, /) etc. In C# int data type is being mostly used in many cases. Difference between signed and […]

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C# Floating Points

They contain fractional points values (e.g.: 1.80, 3.14 etc). This type is being used to store fractional point values. This type is especially useful for mathematical problems such as gravity of earth, pi value etc. In C# double data type is being mostly used in many cases because it has a greater range than float. […]

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C# Decimal

Decimal data type is used for monetary calculations. It is being used for computations that involve money. It is used for financial calculations, such as calculations discount prices, percentages etc. The value which is being stored in decimal must be suffixed with character (m) (e.g.: 12.22m). DATA TYPE WIDTH IN BITS RANGE decimal 128 1Eā€“28 […]

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C# Character

Used to store an unsigned single character. In c# Char supports both ASCII and UNICODE characters. We can store any character in char data type such as (ā€˜Lā€™,’$’,’4′) etc. Char uses single quotations for store a character. DATA TYPE WIDTH IN BITS RANGE char 16 0 TO 127

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C# bool

The bool type represents true / false values. Two reserved keywords are used to store in bool that are true and false. bool data type is used for logical programs. DATA TYPE DESCRIPTION bool Represents true / false values.

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