By 28/04/2016

Sql Server Data Type For Storing Price Values

  • In most cases you want to storingĀ a value which represents a price, amount or money in Microsoft Sql Server.
  • Sql Server database offers different data types for storing money/price type data such as money, smallmoney, numeric(p,s) and decimal(p,s). But at this point it is important to decide that which data type is best for storing money/price type values.
  • Always useĀ decimal(19,2) type for storing money/price type values in Sql Server database. Many software developers including me recommended this type.
  • When you use decimal(19,2) type then you should decide the total number of decimals to use by visiting List Of World Currency Formats.


create table school_fee
  id int,
  fee decimal(19,2)

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