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Return An Object In C#

  • Return an object in C# is possible through a method which has an object as its return type.
  • In real world programming we can see several methods which returns an object.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    class MarkSheet

   // Instance fields declaration.
        public string StudentName;
        public double AspMarks;

   // Parametrized constructor declaration.
        public MarkSheet(string studentName, double aspMarks)
            StudentName = studentName;
            AspMarks = aspMarks;

   // A return type method returns student name.
        public string DisplayStudentName()
            return StudentName;

   // A return type method returns obtain marks.
        public double DisplayObtainAspMarks()

            return AspMarks;

   /* A parametrized return type method which has its 
      return type as a class type or an object of that class type, 
      passing 2 parameters. */
        public MarkSheet markSheetTwo(string studentName, double aspMarks)

  // Note the following statement which creates and returns the second object of a class MarkSheet.
            return new MarkSheet(studentName, aspMarks);

    class Program

        // Static main method void type declaration.
        static void Main(string[] args)
        // Following statement create an object by calling its constructor.
            MarkSheet markSheetOne = new MarkSheet("ABC", 80);
            Console.WriteLine("Information of Marksheet 1:");

       // Following statement calls a method DisplayStudentName().
            Console.WriteLine("\tStudent name: {0}", markSheetOne.DisplayStudentName());

       // Following statement calls a method DisplayObtainAspMarks()
            Console.WriteLine("\tObtain marks in {0}", markSheetOne.DisplayObtainAspMarks());

       /* Following statement creates second object of Mark Sheet class 
          by calling markSheetTwo() method and assign it to second 
          reference variable. */

            MarkSheet markSheetTwo = markSheetOne.markSheetTwo("XYZ", 60);
            Console.WriteLine("Information of Marksheet 2:");
            Console.WriteLine("\tStudent name: {0}", markSheetTwo.DisplayStudentName());
            Console.WriteLine("\tObtain marks in {0}", markSheetTwo.DisplayObtainAspMarks());
        The Output will be:
        Information of Marksheet 1:
                Student name: ABC
                Obtain marks in 80

         Information of Marksheet 2:
                Student name: XYZ
                Obtain marks in 60

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