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Property And Variable Scope In TypeScript

Property And Variable Scope Definition:

  • The TypeScript scope of a variable or a property is an area or region of code, which indicates that where these variables is being accessed from that area or region.
  • The valid scopes of properties or variables can be defined through TypeScript’s lexical scoping rules.
  • The lexical scoping rule means to declare any property/variable in a particular scope body/location such as: a variable/property can be declared in a class scope body or in a function scope body.
  • Child/nested functions can access to the variables that are declared/defied in their parent scope body but parent functions cannot access to the variable that are declared/defined in their child/nested scope body.
  • Nested scope is also called an inner scope and parent scope is called an outer scope.


// Following is an outer or parent function declaration.
function displayList() { // Outer/parent function scope starts.

/* String type array declaration in parent scope through lexical scoping rule. */
    var list: string[];

// An inner/child function declaration.
    function displayName() { // Inner/child function scope starts.

/* Following is an array (list) initialization in child/nested function. This array has been defined in a parent/outer scope. This is ok. */
        list = ["Type script", "Php", "Java script", ""];

// Loop through array’s each element and displayed.
        for (var index = 0; index < list.length; index++)
            document.write(list[index] + "<br/>");

/* Following is another string type variable initialization in child/nested function. */
        var siteName: string = "Tutorials Town";

    } // Inner/child function scope ends.
/* Following print statement is trying to access a variable in its parent function. This variable is declared inside child/nested scope body. Uncomment and run this line will cause a compile-time error because this variable (siteName) is not available in this scope, hence, this is un-accessible here and this is not ok. */   

// document.write("Website name: " + siteName);

// Call an inner/child function.


} // Outer/parent function scope ends.

/* Call an outer/parent function which calls an inner/child function. */

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