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Introducing Looping and Loops in C++

Looping is the process of executing a particular portion of program multiple times with out writing that code multiple number of times. Suppose if you have to print your name infinite number of times then you can not write the output statement infinite number of time. To overcome this major hurdle loops are introduced in almost all the programming languages. Loops are techniques, predefined in any programming language which are used to execute the particular block of code multiple number of times. The major advantage of using loops is that you don’t have to write the code multiple number of times which can save your much time, another advantage is that using loops can reduce the size of the program dramatically. The loops are constructed in such a way that when ever the control reaches the end of the loop then the loop transfers the control to the top of the loop and this process of transferring control from bottom to top and top to bottom continues until a certain condition of the loop becomes false. Following picture, shows the operation of the loop. In C++ there are three types of loops:

1  The for loop

2  The while loop

3  The do while loops



Operation of the loop


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