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Indexers In C#

  • Indexers in C# are class members which initializes special type of arrays.
  • Indexers implement objects as an arrays OR indexers enable objects to be indexed like arrays OR indexers break an object in different locations much like an array.
  • Like C# arrays indexers can have multiple dimensions such as 2D indexers, 3D indexers etc.
  • An indexer has not any user define name, that can be only accessed/call through the this keyword reference because an object reference variable automatically assigns to this keyword during runtime.
  • An indexer cannot be declared as static member of a class.
  • Like overloaded methods indexers can also be overloaded.
  • An indexer cannot contains null parameter, at least 1 or more parameters must be pass in an indexer.
  • An indexer has two keywords get and set which are called accessors where the set accessor initializes a private array with object reference values and get  accessor returns that array.
  • An indexer breaks an object data, re-arrange that data into different locations like an array through set accessor.

General Syntax:

access-modifier type this [parameterList]
      get { // code for get accessor }
      set { // code for set accessor }

access-modifier It can be public, protected, private or internal.
type It defines a type of an indexer such as an int, string etc.
this An indexer has not any name, it is accessed through this keyword.
[parameterList] It describes the list of parameters to be passed in an indexer. Notice, that parameter list works as an index for indexer so it might be int types.
{ Starting scope or body of an indexer.
get { // code for get accessor } This is a get accessor which contains keyword return which returns an indexer.
set {// code for set accessor } This is a set accessor which has a keyword value which receives a value automatically and assigns or initializes a private array with object reference values. The value keyword works as a parameter.
} Closing scope or body of an indexer.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    class Technology
        // String type single-dimensional array declaration with private access.
        private string[] ProgramingLanguages = new string[6];

        /* Read only property declaration (IndexerLength) of an int type 
           which returns the length an array (ProgramingLanguages).*/
        public int IndexerLength
                return ProgramingLanguages.Length;

        // One-dimensional string type indexer declaration.
        public string this[int locationIndex]
        { // start an indexer scope.

            { // get accessor returns an array field.
                return ProgramingLanguages[locationIndex];

            { // set accessor sets or assigns an object reference values to an array.
                ProgramingLanguages[locationIndex] = value;
        } // End of indexer scope.

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // An object creation.
            Technology technology = new Technology();

            // Different string types values are being assigned into each object's index.
            technology[0] = "";
            technology[1] = "Css3";
            technology[2] = "Html5";
            technology[3] = "TypeScript";
            technology[4] = "Php";
            technology[5] = "Jquery";

            // for loop loops through each array elements/values and display them.
            for (int countIndex = 0; countIndex < technology.IndexerLength; countIndex++)

    /*  The Output will be:

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