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How to Unzip a Zip File in PHP

What is Zip files?

  • It is a computer file, which has its contents in compressed form
  • It has .zip or zipx extension. It is also called archives
  • A zip file contains many files and  other compressed files
  • It helps us to keep several files together in one zipped folder or directory
  • If we need the files which is inside zip file format, we must extract or unzip these files
  • Following is PHP code which is used to unzip a zip file

Use this code snippet for unzip a zip file in PHP.


function unzip($location,$newLocation){ //create PHP function unzip which pass 2 parameters($location,$newLocation) first param is the actual zip file, second param is the destination location or destination path

if(exec("unzip $location",$arr)){ // condition pass a exec() function which has 2 parameters first specifies the command which will be executed, second is an output array which will be filled line by line from the command

mkdir($newLocation); // This function creates a directory for given name or path,pass 1 parameter which is the path or name for directory

for($i = 1;$i< count($arr);$i++){

$file = trim(preg_replace("~inflating: ~","",$arr[$i])); // Loop through array and get all lines from an array store these in $file variable and also strip whitespace from start and end

copy($location.'/'.$file,$newLocation.'/'.$file); // This function copy the actual file from source path to destination path 2 parameters passed first is the source path and second parameter is destination path

unlink($location.'/'.$file); // This function permanently delete the file of given path as a parameter 


return TRUE;


return FALSE;



/* Use above function */

if(unzip('zipedfiles/','unziped/myNewZip')) // This line calls the above function and pass 2 arguments to that function, first argument is actual file and second argument is the destination file

echo 'Success!';


echo 'Error';



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