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How to removing duplicate element from array in Javascript

What is an array ?

  • In javascript it is called objects, it is also called data structures
  • With the help of an array we can store multiple values in a single variable
  • Array stores values in it’s index location
  • Array uses indexes for storing values, that indexes start from 0 (zero) and so on
  • Every value which stored in an array has its specific location
  • The values store in an array are called array elements
  • It is very useful for real web applications, for instance we can store users, products, country names etc
  • By default duplicate elements can be stored in an array

Following code snippet will guide you for removing duplicate elements from an array in Javascript.


function removeDuplicates(arr) { // declare a function, pass an array as an parameter
var temp = {};  // declare empty variable for a temporary storage
for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) // loop through each array elements
temp[arr[i]] = true;

var r = []; // declare an empty array
for (var k in temp) // loop through each array element
r.push(k); // array's push(method), this function adds new item to an array
return r; // return variable for rendering the output

var fruits = ['apple', 'orange', 'peach', 'apple', 'strawberry', 'orange']; // create an array with name fruits with 6 elements, there are orange and apple 2 duplicate elements
var uniquefruits = removeDuplicates(fruits); // call above function and pass an array as a argument to that function
//print uniquefruits ['apple', 'orange', 'peach', 'strawberry']; // this is the output on your browser


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