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How To Redirecting Webpage with Timer using Javascript

What is webpage redirect ?

  • Navigate from one website to another website is called redirect
  • We can also navigate from one site to another  using timer function

setTimeout() function

  • It is a javascript timer function which automatically executes after specified the given number of milliseconds
  • You can executes this function only ones
  • This function except given time in milliseconds. 1 second = 1000 milliseconds

Using  javascript it is very easy to redirecting a webpage to another url with help of  setTimeout function.

Javascript Code Snippet

<script type="text/javascript">

        var count = 6; // specified total number for countdown

        var redirect = ""; // assign an url to a variable

        function countDown() { // declare function

            var timer = document.getElementById("timer"); // get an html element by id timer and assign it into timer variable

            if (count > 0) { // check condition if count variable is greater then 0 return true

                count--; // every time an one digit will be minus from count

                timer.innerHTML = "This page will redirect in " + count + " seconds."; // assign string text into a html element for display

                setTimeout("countDown()", 1000); // setTimeout() function pass 2 parameters first is function (which will be called after 1 second according to second parameter) and second is time in milliseconds(defines after how much time this function countDown() willbe called)

            } else {

                window.location.href = redirect;  // this line opens a new URL and point out the location of that URL which specifies in redirect variable




HTML Code Snippet


<span id="timer"> <!-- display count down numbers here --->

<script type="text/javascript">countDown();</script> <!-- call above javascript function ---> 



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