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How to Parse and Create JSON data in PHP

What is JSON data?

  • It stands for Javascript Object Notation
  • It is a lightweight and cross platform data-interchange format
  • It is easy for humans, they can read and write
  • It can be easily generated and parsed by the computers
  • It is based on javascript programming language
  • It also can be used for exchanging and storing data from server to client and vice versa like XML

Can JSON be parsed using PHP?

  • JSON can be parsed and created easily using PHP which has define as following

Following is the code for parse and create JSON in PHP.


$json_data = array ('id'=>1,'name'=>"xyz",'country'=>'abc',"office"=>array("cde","egf")); // create an array with key and values

echo json_encode($json_data); // this function parsed or convert above array into JSON format and create JSON array OBJECT, pass 1 parameter which is an array and also display JSON OBJECT string in webpage

$json_string='{"id":1,"name":"xyz","country":"abc","office":["cde","egf"]} '; // this line creates a string which is a JSON object string and assign that JSON string into $json_string variable

$obj=json_decode($json_string); // this function pass 1 parameter which is above $json_string.this function takes a JSON string and convert it into PHP variable, assign into $obj

//print the parsed data

echo $obj->name; //displays xyz

echo $obj->office[0]; //displays cde


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