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How to move selected items up or down in Javascript

Move selected items up and down in listbox

  • We can move items up and down in a listbox

Following example describes how to move selected items up and down using javascript


function listbox_move(listID, direction) { // function pass 2 parameters, first the Id of source listbox which contains items to be moved up and down, second parameter defines the direction "up or down" as a string value

var listbox = document.getElementById(listID); // get listbox by an id

var selIndex = listbox.selectedIndex; // assign current selected index of listbox

if(-1 == selIndex) { // condition check,if user does not select any option inside listbox
alert("Please select an option to move.");  // display alert message

var increment = -1; // assign -1 to increment variable

if(direction == 'up') // check condition if given direction is up

increment = -1;


increment = 1;

if((selIndex + increment) < 0 ||
(selIndex + increment) > (listbox.options.length-1)) {

var selValue = listbox.options[selIndex].value;
var selText = listbox.options[selIndex].text;
listbox.options[selIndex].value = listbox.options[selIndex + increment].value
listbox.options[selIndex].text = listbox.options[selIndex + increment].text

listbox.options[selIndex + increment].value = selValue;
listbox.options[selIndex + increment].text = selText;

listbox.selectedIndex = selIndex + increment;


<select multiple="multiple" id = "listID"> <!--- listbox control rendered --->
<option value = "java">Java</option>
<option value = "php">Php</option>
<option value = "asp"></option>
<option value = "boot">Bootstraps</option>
<option value = "r">Ruby</option>
<option value = "f">Facebook</option>
<option value = "g">Google</option>
<option value = "c">Css</option>


<!--- above function called by the following buttons --->

<button onclick="listbox_move('listID', 'up')"> Up </button>
<button onclick="listbox_move('listID', 'down')"> Down </button>

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