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How To Instantly Display CheckBox Checked Items using jQuery

Instantly display values

  • It means we can display the value of each check boxes quickly


Following code describes the how instantly display values in check box in using JQuery

jQuery Code snippet

<script type="text/javascript" src="Scripts/jquery-1.8.2.js"></script> <!--- import jquery library --->
        $(document).ready(function() { // method called, when document loaded by browser

            var arr; // declare a variable
            var checked = $('input:checkbox').click(function(e) { // click event triggers when user clicks the check box

                trackCheckedBoxes(); // method calling

                function trackCheckedBoxes() { // declare function
                    var $checked = $(':checkbox:checked'); // get checked checkboxes and assign into $checked variable

                    arr = []; // declare an array

                    $checked.each(function() { // this function called by each(), each time
                        // for html controls use $(this).val()

                        arr.push($(this).next().text()); // push() method are used for adding a new items into array's end


                    $('#TT-paragraph').html(arr.join('<br/>')); // display result using html() method,html() method returns contents to be displayed like innerHTML, join() method is used for joining array elements in string and also return in string



ASP.NET Code snippet

<!--- Following code renders check boxes and a label control on browser --->
<asp:Label runat="server" Text="Dynamically display the checked options"></asp:Label>
        <br/> <br/>
        <asp:CheckBox ID="TT_Checkbox1" runat="server" Text=" 1st Option" /><br />
        <asp:CheckBox ID="TT_Checkbox2" runat="server" Text=" 2nd Option" /><br />
        <asp:CheckBox ID="TT_Checkbox3" runat="server" Text=" 3rd Option" />
        <br /><br />
        <p id="TT-paragraph"></p>

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