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How to get Longitude and Latitude by Address in C#

What is Longitude and  Latitude ?

  • It is a geographic coordinate
  • It  specifies the east west position on the surface of earth
  • It is an angular measurement which is called degrees
  • It’s measurement denoted by lambda

Read about following Longitude and Latitude example

  • Create a class with LatLong name
  • Inside class create a public static method GetLongitudeAndLatitude which will take two parameters named address:string and sensor:string. It must return string array.
  • Following is whole code of class
class LatLong


public static string[] GetLongitudeAndLatitude(string address, string sensor)


string[] LatLongArray = new string[2]; // declare an array with 2 length

string urlAddress = "" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode(address) + "&sensor=" + sensor; // assign google map API into string urlAddress

//string returnValue = "";



XmlDocument objXmlDocument = new XmlDocument(); // create an object

objXmlDocument.Load(urlAddress); // pass a google map API string from the load method as a parameter

XmlNodeList objXmlNodeList = objXmlDocument.SelectNodes("/GeocodeResponse/result/geometry/location"); // set node list

foreach (XmlNode objXmlNode in objXmlNodeList)



LatLongArray[0] = objXmlNode.ChildNodes.Item(0).InnerText;


LatLongArray[1] = objXmlNode.ChildNodes.Item(1).InnerText;





// Process an error action here if needed


return LatLongArray;


  • Now call this method where you need and it will take two parameters  One is address and other is sensor
  • Code for calling method
string[] logLatarray = LatLong.GetLongitudeAndLatitude("address", "false");

string latitude=logLatarray[0];

string longitude=logLatarray[1];


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