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How to generate Authentication code in PHP

What is an Authentication?

  • It is a mechanism for login system
  • A user can login to your website that is called an authentication
  • End-user has been authenticated before entering in your website by using login system
  • The authentication should be strong
  • The following PHP code defines very basic authentication example

This code will generate a random string that is 25 charicters long 25 comes from the number that is in the for loop.


$string = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"; // this is the string which will be randomly encrypted

for($counter=0; $counter<25; $counter++) // loop through each string characters

$position = rand(0,36); // random function which generate random numbers in every execution and assign these into $position variable

$authstr .= $string{$position}; // random numbers merge with actual string, create a random series then assign and concat to $authstr variable


echo $authstr ; // display that random string series in webpage


If you have a database you can save the string in there, and send the user an email with the code in it,then they can click a link or copy the code and you can then verify that that is the correct email or verify what ever you want to verify.

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