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How To Format a Type with ToString() in C#

Format a type

  • Some time we need to format a type.


  • By default, ToString() will display the type’s name (class name).  To show your own values, you must override this method with one of your own.
  • The job of ToString() method is: it converts an object into string form and returns that object’s information in string representation as it can be easily displayed and becomes human readable.

Here is the code which defines a ToString() Method for a Class.

 class Program
      static void Main(string[] args) // main method
        var tt = new TutorialsTown(1.0, 2.0, 3.0); // creating an object of bellow class,calling the constructor pass 3 arguments to the constructor
        Console.WriteLine(tt.ToString()); // display our own formatted values

 class TutorialsTown
     public double A { get; set; }
     public double B { get; set; } // initialize auto properties of double type
     public double C { get; set; }

 public TutorialsTown(double a, double b, double c) // parametrized constructor, a special type of method which initialize the instance variables or fields, return no any types nor void 
     this.A = a; this.B = b; this.C = c; // auto properties initialization inside constructor 

 public override string ToString() // toString() method is being override because we want to display our own values instead of default value which is a class name
     return string.Format("({0}, {1}, {2})", A, B, C); // here return the string which is wrapped inside the Format() method, this method is associated with string class

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