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How to Encode and Decode a String using Base64 scheme in PHP

What is Encode and Decode ?

  • That is used for security of our website
  • Encode and Decode functions are used to prevent the malicious string in PHP code
  • They are used to encrypt the PHP data and increase the security of that data
  • The main use of the encoding and decoding is increase the security of our website because that functions encrypts the actual data which can not be displayed by the user or hackers


  • It encodes the given data in base64
  • It takes about 33% more space than the original data
  • In the following example we use the base64_encode for encoding and decoding


  • It decodes the encoded data in original data
  • It is also called reverse process of encode

Encode and Decode a String using Base64 scheme using PHP.


function base64url_encode($Text) {

$base64 = base64_encode($Text); //pass parameter as a text, which will be encoded

$base64url = strtr($base64, '+/=', '-_,'); // this function add extra string and assign to a variable

return $base64url;


function base64url_decode($Text) {

$base64url = strtr($Text, '-_,', '+/=');

$base64 = base64_decode($base64url); // this function decode the encoded string, pass the encrypted encoded string as a argument to this function

return $base64;



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