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How to Converting CSV into Javascript array

What is CSV ?

  • It stands for comma separated values
  • These are different multiple values with comma separation (e.g php, javascript, asp, facebook etc)
  • It is also called CSV file, that means that file’s extension is .csv and it contains comma separated values or data

str.split() method / function

  • This function split a string,┬áseparated by any token into a Javascript array
  • Always return an new array
  • split() function belongs with string class

Following code describes the conversion of a CSV values into an array. For this you will use the split() method.


var str = "a, b, c, d"; // string CSV(comma separated values) to be converted, assign in to str variable

var arr = str.split(","); // call split() method by str followed by .dot, pass 1 parameter (comma ,) and assign into an array arr

// Output arr[0]: a


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