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How to check if the form is dirty in Javascript

What is a dirty form ?

  • When a user fill any registration form on the website and user enters information in the form, suddenly he click to another link in the website, at this time user gets a warning message something like “If you click that link you will lost your changes stay here ? close ?”
  • different websites prompt different warning messages

For this, following code will used. The function returns a Boolean value (true of false) based on whether the user has made any virtual changes to the HTML form of a website


- Determines if a form is dirty by comparing the current value of each element
- with its default value.
* @param {Form} form the form to be checked.
* @return {Boolean} true if the form is dirty, false
* otherwise.
function formIsDirty(form) {
for (var i = 0; i < form.elements.length; i++) {
var element = form.elements[i];
var type = element.type;
if (type == "checkbox" || type == "radio") {
if (element.checked != element.defaultChecked) {
return true;
else if (type == "hidden" || type == "password" ||
type == "text" || type == "textarea") {
if (element.value != element.defaultValue) {
return true;
else if (type == "select-one" || type == "select-multiple") {
for (var j = 0; j < element.options.length; j++) {
if (element.options[j].selected !=
element.options[j].defaultSelected) {
return true;
return false;
window.onbeforeunload = function(e) {
e = e || window.event; 
if (formIsDirty(document.forms["someForm"])) {
// For IE and Firefox
if (e) {
e.returnValue = "You have unsaved changes.";
// For Safari
return "You have unsaved changes.";


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