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First C# Project

  • Make sure that you have installed visual studio 2013.
  • Open visual studio 2013 by double click on it, create a new project (File -> New -> Project) [Fig: 1.1], then go to (installed -> Templates -> Visual C#) now in center window select [Console Application] option then enter a name and location for your project and click Ok to generate a C# project [Fig: 1.2]. Your first C# project has been generated now.


Fig: [1.1] Creating a new project

 Creating and generating a C# project

Fig: [1.2] Creating and generating a C# project


  • C# cannot be generated as an individual project only, but any of the ASP.NET project types support C#.
  • You can include the C# files in any type of project by simply adding them with .cs file extension within that project and visual studio will automatically start compiling C# files as a part of new project.

Default project files:

  • Once a new C# project has been created, the project template generates the following files automatically [Fig: 1.3].
  1. Program.cs
  2. App.config
Default C# generated project files

Fig: [1.3] Default C# generated project files

  • If we will run this project (press F5 or Start button) [Fig: 1.4], now we can see the output of this project because this is a complete and running default C# application [Fig: 1.5].

Run C# project

Fig: [1.4] Run C# project

C# project is running in console window (output)

Fig: [1.5] C# project is running in console window (output)

A closer look at C# file: Program.cs:

/* .NET Framework's different libraries are imported.
 * In this program we need only one library: using System; */

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;  
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

// A namespace declaration. Visual studio generates that namespaces automatically.
namespace HelloWord
    // Class declaration which is automatically generated by visual studio.
    class Program
        /* A static method, automatically generated through visual studio.
         * This is a gateway main method, when we run C# program the C#'s Common Language Runtime-
           CLR makes a call to this method and code inside this method will be executed (output). */
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // A print statement which displays a message.
            Console.WriteLine("Hello word! My first C# program...");

A closer look at App.config file:



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