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C# Variable Scopes

  • The scope of a variable is an area or region of code which indicates that where these variables is being accessed from that area or region.

┬áThere are 3 types of variable’s scope:

  • Class level scope.
  • Method level scope.
  • for, while and do while loop, if and switch statements scope.

Class level scope:

  • When we create a class and declare a variable in that class, this is called class level scope because that variable is being declared in the class scope.
  • Class level scope variables can be accessed in all methods which is declared in the class.
  • The variables which are declared in class or in class level scope are called fields or class member variables.


    class Test
    {  // start class scope

      // initialize a variable or a class field in class scope
        string colorName = "red";

      // declare a method Get() of type void 
        public void GetValue()            
          /* access class field or variable in method, this colorName field is 
             accessible here because it is being initialized in class scope and 
             it is available in this method until a class scope ends */
        }   // End method definition

    } // End class scope

Method level scope:

  • When we create a method in a class, declare or initialize a variable inside that method means we are creating a method level scope.
  • Variables are being declared in any method are called local variables.


 class Program
 {      // start class scope
        public static void ShowVariable1()
        {  // start first method scope

            //initialize an int variable (number) with value 100.
            int number = 100;

            // Print number variable.

        }  // End ShowVariable1 ()'s scope

        public static void ShowVariable2()	   // start second method scope
          // Try to access same local variable (number) which is already declared in above ShowVariable1 () method. compile-error will be occurred.

        } // End ShowVariable2 ()'s scope


  • You cannot declare local variables twice with the same name in same scope. If you do that you will face a compile time error.

for, while and do while loop, if and switch statements scope:

  • Variables which are being declared inside for, while, if and switch statement’s body are called local variables.
  • These variables define their scope inside the body of these statements, so this is called statements scope.


class Program
    {  // start class scope
        static void Main(string[] args)         // start main method scope
            for (int i = 0; i <= 10; i++)
            {  // start for loop scope.

                // Access that local i variable inside for loop's body.
            }   // End for loop scope

            // Try to access same local variable (i) which has  already declared in above for loop statement. A compile-time error will be occurred.
        }   // End main method scope
    }   // End class scope


  • Above example is being associated with only for loop, this is not limited, we can use variable’s statements scope with all available statements in C# such as if, switch, do while and while loop statements.

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