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C# Static Constructors

  • A class can contains C# static constructors which initialize the class or static members itself and do not initialize an object of a class. Static constructor initializes a class before an object of the class are created.
  • Static constructor cannot be called C# programs, it is called automatically at the compile time during a class loaded first and static constructor are also called before instance or non-static constructor because in general term a static constructor is always executed before an instance/non-static constructor.
  • A static constructor does not have access modifiers because it has default access modifiers.
  • A static constructor cannot have parameters, it is always declared as null parameter constructor.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    class MarkSheet
        static double AspMarks = 85;
        static double JsMarks = 60;
        static double CssMarks = 65;

        public static double TotalMarks
                return 300;

        // A static constructor declaration.
        static MarkSheet()
            Console.WriteLine("Static mark sheet:");
            AspMarks = 85;
            JsMarks = 60;
            CssMarks = 65;

        // A non-static declaration.
        public MarkSheet()
            Console.WriteLine("Non-static mark sheet:");

        public static double GetAspMarks()
            return MarkSheet.AspMarks;

        public static double GetJsMarks()
            return MarkSheet.JsMarks;

        public static double GetCssMarks()
            return MarkSheet.CssMarks;

        public static double GetObtainMarks()

            return MarkSheet.AspMarks + MarkSheet.JsMarks + MarkSheet.CssMarks;


        public static double GetPercentage(double obtainMarks)
            return (obtainMarks / MarkSheet.TotalMarks) * 100.0;

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            /* Following statement is creating a MarkSheet object 
               and a default non-static constructor is also called. */
            MarkSheet markSheet = new MarkSheet();
            Console.WriteLine("Total marks: {0}", MarkSheet.TotalMarks);
            Console.WriteLine(" marks: {0}", MarkSheet.GetAspMarks());
            Console.WriteLine("Javascript marks: {0}", MarkSheet.GetJsMarks());
            Console.WriteLine("Css marks: {0}", MarkSheet.GetCssMarks());
            Console.WriteLine("Total obtain marks: {0}", MarkSheet.GetObtainMarks());
            Console.WriteLine("Percentage: {0}", MarkSheet.GetPercentage(MarkSheet.GetObtainMarks()) + " %");
        The Output will be:
        Static mark sheet:
        Non-static mark sheet:
        Mark sheet:
        Total marks: 300 marks: 85
        Javascript marks: 60
        Css marks: 65
        Total obtain marks: 210
        Percentage: 70 %

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