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C# Return Statement

  • C# return statement is used to exit from a class method and bypassed or ignored the remaining code which is in that method.
  • It returns the value of same type as same as method type is and execution transfers back to caller of the method.
  • If method is not a return type it is a void type then return keyword does not return any type of value, it simply declare return without specifies an expression or value.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    // Start class definition / declaration.
    class Program
        // Static main method void type declaration.
        static void Main(string[] args)

            // Following statement creates an object of class Test
            Test objTest = new Test();

            // Calls DisplayMessage() which returns a string message and assign to message variable.
            string message = objTest.DisplayMessage();

            // Print message. 

        } // End of main method definition. 
    } // End of class.

    class Test
        // Following is a method declaration of string type.
        public string DisplayMessage()
            /* following a return statement is declared which 
               returns a string literals or string type expression 
               to caller of the method.
            return "C# is an Object Oriented Programming Language.";
             The Output will be:
             C# is an Object Oriented Programming Language.

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