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Object Oriented Programming In C#

Object Oriented Programming is a formal programming approach which divides large applications into small sub programs for become easily maintainable. Each sub program has its own attributes, behavior and objects, each object modifies that data and behavior. In Object Oriented Programming the attributes (known as data) and behavior (known as methods) works with each other by logical structures (objects). This approach improves the ability to manage the software complexity. The object oriented pattern is very useful when developing and maintaining large applications and data structures.

Some key points about Object Oriented Programming:

  • In Object Oriented Programming, divide the lengthy code in different parts or sections and Rule on It.
  • It is totally related with real world.
  • It is a design pattern and new coding style.
  • It prevents the same code repetition because in Object Oriented Programming we can reuse same code in different parts of a program.

The object Oriented Programming language defines some rules which helps us to implement the correct Object Oriented model in Programming. There are two main key concepts of Object Oriented Programming in order to implement it.

  1. A class
  2. An Object

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