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C# Nested Try And Catch Blocks

  • In C# one try block can contains another try block which is called nested try blocks.
  • Exception of an inner try block is handled by its inner catch block and exception of an outer try block is handled by its outer catch block.
  • If an exception is occurred in an outer try block then the flow control transfer to an outer catch block and inner exception or try block will be by passed.
  • If an exception does not occurred in an outer try block but occurred in an inner try block then that is handled by an inner catch block.
  • Remember the inner try blocks are associated with the inner catch blocks and outer are associated with the outer catch blocks.


using System;
namespace csharpAdvance
    class ExceptionExample
        // int type array.
        int[] Numbers = { 1, 2 };

        // void type method.
        public void Devision(int number, int devidedBy)
            Console.WriteLine("Division " + number + "/" + devidedBy + " = " + (number / devidedBy));

        // void type method GetArray().
        public void GetArray()
            // for loop loops through each int number and assigns into an array.
            for (int count = 0; count < 4; count++)
                Numbers[count] = count;

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Object creation.
            ExceptionExample exceptionExample = new ExceptionExample();

            { // An outer try block.

                { // An inner/nested try block.

                     exceptionExample.Devision(10, 0);

                } // End of an inner try block.

                catch (DivideByZeroException)
                { // An inner catch block is associated with an inner try block.

                     Console.WriteLine("DivideByZeroException is caught");

                } // End of an inner catch block.

            } // End of an outer try block.

            catch (IndexOutOfRangeException)
            { // An outer catch block is associated with an outer try block.

                 Console.WriteLine("IndexOutOfRangeException is caught");

            } // End of an outer catch block.
    /*  The Output will be:
        IndexOutOfRangeException is caught

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