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C# if then if-if Statements

  • This form of if statement is useful when you let users to select more than one or multiple choices at a time depends on condition.
  • There is no else is used, but you can use it at the end of if statements and else statement is an optional statement.
  • This ifs form is very useful for input forms validation.
  • In this form, all if statements will be executed at a time if they become true, and bypassed those which become false.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    // Start class definition / declaration.
    class Program
        // Static main method void type declaration.
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Initialize an int value
            int value = 10;

            if (value == 10)
                Console.WriteLine("It is 10.");

            if (value * 5 == 10)
                Console.WriteLine("It is 50.");

            if (value / 2 != 10)
                Console.WriteLine("It is also 10.");

            if (value < 11)
                Console.WriteLine("It is less than 11 because it is 10.");


        } // End of main method definition. 
    } // End of class. 

   The Output will be:
   It is 10.
   It is also 10.
   It is less than 11 because it is 10. 

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