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C# Events

  • C# events areĀ automatic notifications/actions which areĀ fired when a user interacts with an application.
  • An event is works like this: Any object which fires an event, it first registers an event handler for that event. When an event is occurred all that registered handlers are called.
  • Events are the members of a class and can have access modifiers.
  • Event are declared using a keyword event.
  • Delegates are the basic fundamental of the events. Delegates support the events and activate them.
  • Delegates represent the event handlers.
  • Event handlers are methods which can be static or instance/non-static methods.
  • An eventhandler is must be added/registered to an event before call it. If an event is called before an event-handlers registration a run-time null reference exception will be generated.
  • A Handler is registered/added to an event using the += operator because events support += and -= operators to registered or unregistered handlers to the events.
  • An event has a delegate as its return type. A delegate also defines the signature and parameters for an event.

General Syntax:

event delegateName EventName;

event It is a keyword.
delegateName Name of a delegate.
EventName An event name, it should be any meaningful name.


using System;
namespace csharpAdvance
    // Void type delegate.
    delegate void ClickHandel();

    class Calculator
        // Public event ClickAdd of delegate type is declared inside class.
        public event ClickHandel ClickAdd;

        // public void type method which calls an event.
        public void OnAddition()
            if (ClickAdd != null)
                Console.WriteLine("Please register a handler to an event !");

    // A class declaration which has a static method as a handler for an event.
    class CalculatorHandlers
        public static void AdditionHandler()
            Console.WriteLine("Addition answer: {0}", (10 + 10));

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Calculator calculator = new Calculator();

            // A handler is registered/added to an event by += operator.
            calculator.ClickAdd += CalculatorHandlers.AdditionHandler;

            // ClickAdd event is triggered by calling OnAddition() method.
    /*  The Output will be:
        Addition answer: 20

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