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C# Data Types

  • Data types are used to represent the data or information of different things in real world, (e.g.) Product names, user names, records etc.
  • It defines the information of different things with different data, such as mobile no., website name, student grade, value of PI in mathematics, laptop price etc.
  • According to above points, mobile no is a whole numeric number (e.g.: 527854789654).
  • website name is a collection of alphabetic characters (e.g.: Tutorials Town).
  • student grade is a single character (e.g.: A).
  • value of PI is a numeric number with frictional points (e.g.: 3.14).
  • laptop price is a type of numeric whole number (e.g.: 50,000).

Above examples clearly describes that each thing has its own type of data so, we can call it these are different data types.

There are two general categories of built-in data types in C#:

  • Value types.
  • Reference types.

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