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C# Base Class Reference Derived Class Object

  • In C#, inheritance derived class object reference can be assigned to the base class reference variable.
  • Remember, only reference of a derived class is assigned to the base class reference variable not derived class’s object.
  • Base class reference variable cannot access its derived class members, it can access only its own members because base class has no knowledge about its derived/child class.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    class MarkSheet
        // Fields declaration with protected access.
        protected double AspMarks;
        protected double JsMarks;

        // Constructor which creates a Marksheet by assigning different values to its each subjects.
        public MarkSheet(double aspMarks, double jsMarks)
            this.AspMarks = aspMarks;
            this.JsMarks = jsMarks;

        // Return types methods returns each subject marks.
        public double GetAspMarks()
            return this.AspMarks;
        public double GetJsMarks()
            return this.JsMarks;

    // BcsMarkSheet class inherits MarkSheet
    class BcsMarkSheet : MarkSheet
        double PhpMarks;

        // Derived class constructor which constructs derived class marksheet.
        public BcsMarkSheet(double phpMarks)
            : base(85, 50)
            this.PhpMarks = phpMarks;

        public double GetPhpMarks()
            return this.PhpMarks;

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Objects creation of two classes (derived BcsMarkSheet and base class marksheet).
            MarkSheet markSheet = new MarkSheet(0, 0);
            BcsMarkSheet bcsMarkSheet = new BcsMarkSheet(65);

            // Derived object reference is being assigned to base class reference variable.
            markSheet = bcsMarkSheet;
            // Print statements which print both marksheets information.
            Console.WriteLine("Marksheet base class information:");
            Console.WriteLine(" marks: {0}", markSheet.GetAspMarks());
            Console.WriteLine("Javascript marks: {0}", markSheet.GetJsMarks());
            Console.WriteLine("Bcs marksheet derived class information:");
            Console.WriteLine("Php marks: {0}", bcsMarkSheet.GetPhpMarks());
        The Output will be:
        Marksheet base class information: marks: 85
        Javascript marks: 50
        Bcs marksheet derived class information:
        Php marks: 65

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