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Array Reference In C#

  • When you assign one array variable to another array variable it is called array reference.
  •  It means these two variables will refer to that same array. Remember neither copy of an array will be created, nor its data or contents will be copied.


using System;
namespace csharpBasic
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // A string array declaration.
            string[] originalArray = new string[2];

            // An orignalArray is being assigned to referenceArray.
            string[] referenceArray = originalArray;

            // Values are assigned to an originalArray.
            originalArray[0] = "C#";
            originalArray[1] = "";

            // Values are assigned to a referenceArray.
            referenceArray[0] = "Html 5";
            referenceArray[1] = "Javascript";

            Console.WriteLine("Original Array: ");

            // Loop through each originalArray values.
            foreach (string displayElementsOrg in originalArray)
                Console.WriteLine("\t {0}", displayElementsOrg);

            Console.WriteLine("Referenced Array: ");

            // Loop through each referenceArray values.
            foreach (string displayElementsRef in referenceArray)
                Console.WriteLine("\t {0}", displayElementsRef);

        The Output will be:
        Original Array:
                 Html 5
        Referenced Array:
                 Html 5

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