The “any” Type In TypeScript

The “any” Type: TypeScript has a data type called “any” and can be declared using a keyword “any”. As we know TypeScript is a strong typed language therefore TypeScript compiler strictly checks the type of data. In TypeScript we define arrays, variables, objects, functions of a specific type such as string, boolean, number etc. and […]

TypeScript Explicit Casting

Explicit Casting: In TypeScript we can explicitly specify the types of the objects & that process is called Explicit Casting. An object of one type can be cast to another type by using < > syntax. TypeScript allows us to explicitly cast from any type object to a data type “any” and vice versa. TypeScript […]

Enumeration In TypeScript

Enumeration: In TypeScript an enumeration is a collection/list of numeric value constants which has different meaningful human readable names/identifiers and it is created by a keyword “enum”. An enumeration is a way to define an easily remembered and human readable names which are represented by special numbers/numeric values. Each name represents a numeric type value. […]

Const Enums In TypeScript

Const Enums: TypeScript 1.4 introduced const enums. These types of enums have been introduced for performance reasons. The special feature of const enums are that the generated JavaScript code does not contain the full closure definition for const enums. Using const enums we have limited controls on enums. The const enum members cannot be accessed […]

Create Classes And Objects In TypeScript

Class Definition: A class just is a template, the blue print, the definition, the logical abstraction, an idea that only defines the form of an object. It is also a set of plans which specifies how an object will be created. Example of classes (Mark sheet, User, Bank account, Button, Date, Media player etc.). It […]

Create Constructor In TypeScript Class

The Class Constructor: It is a special type of function which has no return type even void. It can be declared with a “constructor” keyword, a constructor might be declared as public access modifier but it is as optional. It is called from outside the class. A constructor is used to initialize the properties, an […]

TypeScript Functions Or Methods

Definition Of Functions Or Methods: In object oriented programming generally Methods/functions are called behavior, sometime they are also called actions. They might be declared inside a class so these are class members, codes, methods or functions. In TypeScript a function can also be declared without a class declaration, if this is a case then it […]

TypeScript Anonymous Functions

Anonymous Functions: The TypeScript language has the concept of anonymous functions or methods. An anonymous function has not a specific/particular name. Anonymous functions are declared as unnamed or unknown functions. An anonymous function is must be assigned to a variable at its declaration time. Anonymous functions can be void or any other type.

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