TypeScript Basics

What is TypeScript Programming Language?

Definition Of TypeScript: TypeScript is a strong typed, object oriented and compiled programming language. TypeScript allows us to develop JavaScript based applications using full object oriented concepts on .NET platform. Through the TypeScript language we can develop JavaScript’s rich and more complex applications using fully Object oriented design pattern on strong typed platform. In the […]

The Benefits Of TypeScript

TypeScript Programming Language Has The Following Benefits: Strong typing. Compilation. Member variables with public and private access. Encapsulation. Integration with JavaScript libraries. The Strong Typing: JavaScript language is not a strong type language it is a weak by nature. Its data has not any specific type. In JavaScript data types are declared using a keyword […]

TypeScript IDE And Environment Setup

IDE And Environment Setup: Before start writing the TypeScript code/programs we need an IDE (integrated development environment) which allows us to compile, edit, debug and run the TypeScript code. TypeScript is an open source tool which can be run on cross platforms/OS (operating systems) that means the compiler of TypeScript can be run on windows, […]

Creating A First TypeScript Project

First TypeScript Project: Make sure that you have installed visual studio 2013. Open visual studio 2013 by double click on it, create a new project (File -> New -> Project) [Fig: 1.1], then go to (installed -> Templates -> TypeScript) now in center window select [HTML Application with TypeScript] option then enter a name and […]

Basic Data Types In TypeScript

Basic Data Types: TypeScript is a strong type programming language. It defines three basic data types: number, string and boolean and that feature is described as “syntactic sugar” by TypeScript designer. TypeScript uses a colon (:) sign to specify the data type for a variable. Data types describe the different kind of information. TypeScript creates […]

Inferred Typing In TypeScript

Inferred Typing: It is a technique/rule found in TypeScript language and called inferred typing. Through an inferred technique we do not explicitly/manually specify a particular type of the variables in our TypeScript program. Using an inferred rule, the TypeScript finds the variables which are used/initialized first in top level in TypeScript code, notices that what […]

Duck-Typing In TypeScript

Duck-Typing: Duck-Typing is a method/rule for checking the type compatibility for more complex variable types. TypeScript compiler uses the duck-typing method to compare one object with other object by comparing that the both objects have the same type matching properties/variables names or not. If both objects are different from one another and have different property […]

Arrays In TypeScript

Arrays: Along with basic data types, the TypeScript has also arrays. In TypeScript an array is declared/initialized much like JavaScript’s arrays using curly braces [ ] notation. In TypeScript arrays are strongly typed which can be a specific data type such as string, boolean or number type. Array is a collection of similar data items […]

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