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Generate Pi Chart From MySQL Database In PHP

It is easy to create different types of beautiful dynamic pi charts and graphs in PHP using MySQL database. These different types of pi charts are generated automatically for us from MySQL database. In this tutorial i create a pi chart in PHP from MySQL database, for that purpose i have already created a database table […]

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Sql Server Data Type For Storing Price Values

In most cases you want to storing a value which represents a price, amount or money in Microsoft Sql Server. Sql Server database offers different data types for storing money/price type data such as money, smallmoney, numeric(p,s) and decimal(p,s). But at this point it is important to decide that which data type is best for storing […]

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How To Insert Non-English Characters In MySQL?

MySQL database is an open source dbms system. You can insert non-english unicode characters in it when you work with a web application which supports multi-lingual environment such as hindi, sindhi, urdu or arabic languages etc. Look at a following step to achieve this. Step: Set the character set or charset as utf8 and collation […]

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SQL Server ntext vs nvarchar(MAX) Datatypes

SQL Server offers ntext and nvarchar(MAX) datatypes for storing multi lingual string based information/values. There are some difference between ntext and nvarchar(MAX) datatypes: The ntext datatype stores unicode string with maximum 2GB of data. The nvarchar(MAX) datatype stores unicode string with maximum 536,870,912 characters. The ntext datatype has many disadvantages such as it does not […]

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How To Insert Non-English Characters In SQL Server?

SQL Server offers nchar, nvarchar, nvarchar(max) and ntext datatypes for storing Non-English or Unicode characters/article posts into database table. By using above datatypes you can insert all characters/large blogs which has been spoken in universe such as hindi, sindhi, urdu, arabic, english etc. These datatypes are also recommended by Microsoft because these support many built-in […]

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SQL Server Data Type For Store Article Posts

SQL server offers several data types for storing different types of information in database. Some time we need to store a large article or blog post in a database table. For storing the large posts or articles we will use nvarchar(MAX) datatype because it supports maximum 536,870,912 characters. SQL Server nvarchar(MAX) data type supports many built-in […]

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What Is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured query language. It is a language which is used for accessing and manipulating the database. It is a standard language for all RDBMS (Relational database management systems) such as MS access, SQL server, MySQL etc. In other words it is a language which talks or communicates with database by issuing command statements. […]

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SELECT Statement In SQL

SELECT statement is a SQL clause. SELECT statement is also called retrieval statement. SELECT statement is used to select data from database and stored these data into tables as data sets. SELECT statement can be used in two ways as following. Syntax – 1: This is used for select only selected column(s) from entire database table. […]

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