C# Advance

Properties In C#

In C# class has another type of members called properties or regular properties. A property is used to access a private field / instance variable outside from a class. A property can be used as an expression as well as can be assign to variables like a normal variable / field. As compare with methods […]

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C# Auto-Implemented Properties

In C# a class can also have auto-implemented propertied. Auto implemented properties concise the implementation of a regular properties without using get and set value logic explicitly. When we implement an auto implemented property the compiler automatically creates an unnamed, unknown or anonymous backing private field (a storage location or backing storage) which holds the […]

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Indexers In C#

Indexers in C# are class members which initializes special type of arrays. Indexers implement objects as an arrays OR indexers enable objects to be indexed like arrays OR indexers break an object in different locations much like an array. Like C# arrays indexers can have multiple dimensions such as 2D indexers, 3D indexers etc. An […]

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Interface In C#

An Interface defines the term “what a class must do”. It enforces to the class to complete the uncompleted behavior (methods). An object of the interface cannot be created. In C# an interface can be a member of a class, namespace or struct. An interface contains incomplete methods which is “abstract” methods by default. An […]

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C# Interface Inheritance

In C# Interface Inheritance, an interface can be inherited from other base/parent interfaces. Base interface member can be hidden in its derived interface by same declaration in it and generates a warning message. Warning message can be prevented through the use of “new” keyword with derived interface members. General Syntax: access-modifier interface Interface1 { // […]

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C# Interface Reference Variable

In C# a reference variable of an interface can be declared which can stores/refers to the object which implements that interface. When we call methods through an interface reference variable the methods which are implemented by a class will be executed. An interface reference variable knows/access only the methods which is declared inside it, it […]

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C# Indexers In Interface

In C#, like methods and properties an interface can also define the indexers. Indexers in an interface have not their body, they have only declaration. OR Indexers in an interface have not complete implementation, they only have their declaration.

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C# Exception Handling

Exceptions are different types of errors which occurs at run-time in an application and it terminates immediately. Exceptions are occurs in an application when any operation/method is failed or the end user enters an invalid information or handle wrongly to an application. C# provides us a well-known structure which helps us to handle these run-time […]

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