C++ Basics

What is Programming?

Definition: “A program is a precise sequence of steps to solve a particular problem.” It means that when we say that we have a program, it actually means that we know about a complete set activities to be performed in a particular order. The purpose of these activities is to solve a given problem.

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History of C++ Language

The C++ language was developed in late 60’s and early 70’s, in Bell Laboratories. In those days BCPL and B languages were developed there. The BCPL language was developed in 1967 by Martin Richards as a language for writing operating systems software and compilers. In 1970 Ken Thompson used B language to create early versions […]

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Tools of the Trade

As programmer we need different tools to develop a program. These tools are needed for the life cycle of programs.

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First C++ Program

The best way to learn C++ is to start coding right away. So here is our very first program in C++.

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Variables in C++

During programming we need to store data. This data is stored in variables. Variables are locations in memory for storing data. The memory is divided into blocks. It can be viewed as pigeon-holes.You can also think of it as PO Boxes. In post offices there are different boxes and each has an address. Similarly in […]

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Data Types in C++

A variable must have a data type associated with it, for example it can have data types like integer, decimal numbers, characters etc. The variable of type Integer stores integer values and a character type variable stores character value. The primary difference between various data types is their size in memory. Different data types have […]

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Assignment Operator in C++

In C++ language equal-to-sign (=) is used as assignment operator. Do not confuse the algebraic equal-to with the assignment operator. In Algebra X = 2 means the value of X is 2, whereas in C++ language X = 2 (where X is a variable name) means take the value 2 and put it in the […]

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Constants in C++

Constants are expressions with a fixed value.

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